Wales in Europe – what next for Welsh / EU civil society connections?

01 Jul 2021


60 minutes

The UK left the EU in 2020 and now is in the early stages of learning to navigate this new chapter in its relationship with the European Union. As a part of this process, the way the UK engages with the EU is changing. New ways of working on joint concerns, new bodies and platforms are being established over time.

Meanwhile, the UK has not left the wider community of Europe – and this message has resonated well with voluntary sector stakeholders in Wales. A common theme in the sector’s discussions on Brexit and in the Welsh Government’s international strategy has been around the maintaining, deepening and establishing of new relationships with European partners.

It’s been almost six months since the end of the transition period – Where are we now? How has the landscape for Wales / EU connections changed? What discussions have started to take place? Covid-19 interfered with the transition period – but has it also removed some barriers to future UK / EU civil society connections? What are the interests and opportunities for civil society organisations in Wales and in Europe to work together moving forward?

In the spirit of gofod3’s objective of bringing the third sector together – including across borders – join us for a discussion exploring the place of Welsh civil society in Europe.

The following panel speakers will contribute to the event:

  • Chair – Dr Rachel Minto – Lecturer in Politics at Cardiff University, Chair of Cardiff Women’s Aid and joint co-coordinator of the Women in Europe (Wales) network.
  • Charles Whitmore, Research Associate at Cardiff University and Wales Council for Voluntary Action, Coordinator of the Wales Civil Society Forum on Brexit
  • Derek Vaughan CBE, Former MEP, former leader of WLGA and current WLGA advisor on European affairs.
  • Ruth Jones, MP for Newport West and UK representative on the Council of Europe’s Parliamentary Assembly
  • Jack O’Connor, President of the EU-UK Follow-up Committee of the European Economic and Social Committee

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Wales Civil Society Forum on Brexit
60 minutes
01 Jul 2021
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