Virtual networking: how to make the most out of interacting with others at gofod3.

Want to get the most out of networking at the first ever virtual gofod3? These top tips should help you make the most of the opportunity to connect.

Goals are golden

Just as with a face-to-face event, it is important to outline some clear goals on what connections you would like to make and why. Take a look at our full programme and think about what you would like to learn from the day and where you might find connections with others who have similar interests. It is also good to think about a goal of how many people you can realistically connect with in a day. It is more important to make meaningful connections than to simply collect high volumes of numbers and email addresses.

Engage and participate

At many of the sessions, you will have the opportunity to discuss topics with others, provide feedback and ask questions of panellists, so be sure to speak up! This will get conversations flowing and encourage others to engage and could lead to meaningful collaboration with other attendees that you can then carry on outside of the session.

Be social media savvy

We will be using the hashtag #gofod3 on social media so following the hashtag will allow you to make social media connections with others attending the event. Social media is also a great way to follow up with connections you made on the day afterwards via direct message.

Conversation starters

It can be daunting to speak to someone new, so having some conversation starters ready to go can make you feel more comfortable, for example;

  • ‘What brings you to gofod3’
  • ‘What sessions have you been to so far today’
  • ‘I’m looking to expand my knowledge on …. I wondered if I could pick your brain’

Signpost yourself

Unfortunately, with the event being virtual we won’t be able to rely on trusty name badges, but you can still make yourself known to others. Be sure to use the chat function to introduce yourself by letting others know what connections you are looking to make and why as well as providing an email address or phone number for those follow up conversations. We will be using Zoom so you can also privately message another participant in the session using the chat function.

We’re all in the same boat

Remember that most people attending will be wanting to make new connections as well, so don’t be shy when it comes to starting conversations.