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Remember gofod3 is not a conference…..

Just like the in-person event, gofod3 is not a formal conference, with a strict timetable for attending sessions. Feel free to attend as many events as you like during the week but remember it’s really important to take care of yourself and to spend some time away from the screen each day.

Don’t delay – register for your events as soon as possible

With over 60 FREE events to choose from, spend some time reviewing the schedule and decide which events you wish to attend. You can choose as many as you want, but you’ll need to register individually for each session. Click here to browse the schedule (by topic, date and organisation).

Put it in your diary

To avoid double-booking, make a note in your diary of each event you’ve registered to attend.

Your link to join

Keep an eye out for your online joining link, which will arrive:

Be kind to yourself and enjoy!

With so many fantastic events to choose from, please remember to look after yourself and take time away from the screen. In a bid to encourage you to do this, we’ve ensured there are times throughout the day when we’ll have nothing happening. We’ve also pulled together some wellbeing tips here.



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