Our guide to looking after your wellbeing while attending gofod3.

We are bringing gofod3 back as an in-person event this year for the first time since before the pandemic.

An in-person event means many opportunities to network with peers and listen to an exciting and busy schedule of speakers, masterclasses, panel debates and workshops. However, attending events like this can be physically and mentally demanding.

Here we have some top tips on how to make the most of your experience without suffering conference overload!

1. Choose wisely

Set yourself realistic expectations, you cannot do everything and be everywhere at once, so prioritize the sessions, workshops, and masterclasses that align with your interests and goals. By setting realistic expectations, you will reduce the pressure and stress that comes with trying to do it all. This approach lets you fully engage and absorb the information without feeling overwhelmed.

2. Get organised

Once you’ve picked your sessions, be sure to create an account on Luma, our event booking system for gofod3. Creating an account allows you  to easily keep track of the sessions you’ve registered for without having to search for email confirmations!

3. Be in the moment

To make sure you are getting the most out of your time at gofod3, allow yourself moments of rest and rejuvenation, if you start to feel overwhelmed find a peaceful corner, take a few deep breaths, and clear your mind. We also have a quiet room available on level 3. Taking an intentional break allows you to reset and return to the event with renewed focus and energy.

4. Stop and take time for yourself

We have carved a lunch break into the schedule to encourage participants to take a break from the screen. So, try to avoid checking those notifications during this break and go get a change of scenery. If you can get outdoors for some fresh air that’s even better! This time will help you to process information and clear your mind ready for any sessions you have booked in for the afternoon.

5. Make time to reflect

At the end of gofod3 take time to be aware of your thoughts and feelings on the experience, reflect on the highlights and lessons learned. This intentional reflection allows you to consider how the knowledge and experiences gained during the day can be applied to your work or personal life going forward and helps ensure that the event has a lasting impact on your mental well-being.

6. If you need help

During the event, if you feel unwell and need assistance, reach out to any of the WCVA staff who will be on hand to help you. WCVA staff will be easily identifiable, wearing red gofod3 t-shirts and lanyards.