Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have all experienced a shift in the way we work. People have adapted to virtual collaboration instead of face to face and although there are many positives to online working, virtual fatigue is a very real issue for many of us.

gofod3 has always been a space for the sector to come together and use the time in a way that suits them. Although this year we are hosting the event online, the purpose remains the same and so we want to ensure that all attendees get the most out of the week-long event, without feeling overwhelmed.

Here we have some top tips on how to make the most of your experience without suffering virtual overload!

1. Choose wisely

When looking at the events schedule, ask yourself which topics are most important to you. Try to only register your attendance for the events, workshops and masterclasses that will have the most impact on your needs and interests.

2. Get organised

Once you’ve picked your sessions, you can make use of our customisable event planner. Simply fill in the sessions you plan to attend, creating your own personal timetable. This way you will easily be able to keep track of where you need to be without having to search for email confirmations!

3. Be in the moment

With the move to digital working, the rate of emails and notifications has increased, and it is easy to get distracted! So, to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time at gofod3, switch off your notifications and switch on your out of office, if you can. It is all too easy to multi-task when taking part in online events, but of course this makes it harder to absorb the information at hand. Closing other windows and silencing notification really will make it easier to engage in your chosen sessions.

4. Stop and reflect

We have carved a lunch break into the schedule to encourage participants to take a break from the screen. So, try to avoid checking those notifications during this break and go get a change of scenery. If you can get outdoors for some fresh air that’s even better! This time will help you to process information and clear your mind ready for any sessions you have booked in for the afternoon.

5. Make time to catch up

If you can switch your out of office on, then make the most of the week by scheduling some catch ups with others in the sector that you may not have spoken to for a while. Arrange a coffee date or a walk in the park with another participant if you feel comfortable or book in a walk and talk call if you’re not able to meet in person.